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Potions and Lotions: Lessons in Cosmetic Chemistry (SBD-5234-KIT)
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Did you know that makeup companies employ teams of chemists to develop and test each new line of makeup, perfume, lotion, or soap? This kit lets you be the cosmetic chemist!

With ingredients for three different recipes, you can create lip gloss right in your own kitchen. Using chemistry concepts like emollients, emulsifiers and stabilizers you will explore what makes cosmetics look, feel and taste good. We’ve included beeswax and shea butter with coconut, vanilla and peppermint flavors. Which formula will your friends like best?

This kit follows the procedures from the Science Buddies chemistry project Potions and Lotions: Lessons in Cosmetic Chemistry”.

Kits contain tested materials to ensure that you have what you need to successfully complete your science project, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

10% of proceeds go to support Science Buddies!

 1 Beeswax, 1.25 oz
 1 Beeswax, 1 oz
 1 Cocoa butter, 1.5 oz
 1 Shea butter, 1.5 oz
 1 Petroleum jelly, 2 oz
 1 Aloe vera gel, 2 oz
 1 Sweet almond oil, 4 oz
 1  Coconut oil, 3 oz
 1 Vitamin E liquid
 1 Peppermint oil
 1 Honey
 1 Vanilla
 1 Measuring cup, glass
 30 Cotton swabs
 9 Sample cups with lid
 10 Craft sticks
 1 Goggles
 1 Lab notebook
  You will also need:
  Microwave or hot plate/stove with a double boiler pan
  Minimum of 10 volunteers to serve as "testers"


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