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The Ultimate Bridge Designer's Kit With Scale (SBD-5256-KIT)

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There are many different types of bridges, from simple plank bridges spanning a small stream to elegant suspension bridges supported by tall towers and soaring cables. Other bridges are supported with the structure of the arch, which was used by Roman engineers thousands of years ago. Yet another bridge type is the truss bridge, which gets its strength from a framework of triangles shaped from steel.

A bridge collapse can be a major disaster. Deciding which bridge type to build for a particular location depends on many factors. What type of traffic will cross the bridge? What passes underneath the bridge? What materials are to be used for building the bridge?

With this civil engineering science fair kit, you will build models of 3 different bridge designs from the blue prints included; then test each model to see how much weight each can support. Use the included custom made loading block with hook to suspend the shipping bucket filled with water. How much weight can the bucket hold before your bridge collapses?  Perhaps you will want to design one or more of your models to resemble a bridge near you.  Kit includes scale for weighing how much your bridge can hold

Kits contain tested materials to ensure that you have what you need to successfully complete your science project, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

10% of proceeds go to support Science Buddies!
 1  Blueprints of straw bridge and popsicle stick bridge designs
 1  Loading block, wooden, with metal hook
 1  Gram scale
 1  Wire cutters
 1  Straws, plastic, pk/250
 1  Wood glue max, 4 oz
 1  Graph paper, 4 sheets
 1  Craft sticks, small, pk/500
 24  Medium-size binder clips, boxed
 24  Small-size binder clips, boxed
 1  Scotch tape, 1/2" width
 1  Rope, 3 ft
 1  Cotton swabs, pk/100
 1  Lab notebook
 1  White pail, 2 gallon
 1  Scale, with Metric