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Can Water Float on Water? (SBD-5240-KIT)

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Can water float on water? Of course it can, you say: ice is water and ice floats! And you're right. But we're talking about water in the liquid phase. So, how about it? Can liquid water float on water? Use this science kit to find out.

With this ocean science project kit you will investigate what happens to layers of water with different densities. Using a hydrometer, you will explore density differences caused by both temperature and salinity (saltiness). You will then perform experiments to see what happens when layers of water at different densities are brought together. You'll create your two "layers" in plastic bottles, coloring them with different food colors to tell them apart. Then, you'll bring the two layers together by flipping one bottle over on top of the other (we'll tell you how to do it without spilling half the bottle!). You can see for yourself if water can float on water!

This kit follows the procedures from the Science Buddies ocean science project Can Water Float on Water?

Kits contain tested materials to ensure that you have what you need to successfully complete your science project, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

10% of proceeds go to support Science Buddies!
 4  Bottle, plastic, clear, 16 oz
 4  Caps for bottles
 1  Marker, black
 1  Laminated index card
 1   Table salt, 150 gm
 2  Deli container, 32 oz
 2  Stirring rod, plastic, 6"
 1  Food coloring, 4 color
 1  Stopwatch
 1  Funnel, long stem
 1  Thermometer
 1  Hydrometer
 1  Graduated cylinder, 250 mL
 1  Lab notebook