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How Much Sugar Is in That Soda? (SBD-5227-KIT)

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You know there is sugar in non-diet soda, but just how much sugar? Sure, you can look on the ingredients label, but how do food scientists actually measure the amount of sugar in a solution? They use a simple scientific device called a hydrometer. The hydrometer floats in the solution that is being tested, and the higher it floats, the more sugar there is! With this kit, you will use a precision hydrometer to measure the amount of sugar in soda as described in the project "How Sweet It Is—How Much Sugar Is Really in That Soda?"

Kits contain tested materials to ensure that you have what you need to successfully complete your science project, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

10% of proceeds go to support Science Buddies!
 1  Hydrometer, 0–35° Brix scale
 1  Measuring beaker, 2-liter
 1  Funnel, plastic, 125mm
 7  Cylinder, plastic, 12"
 1  Stir rod, plastic, 12"
 1  Masking tape
 1  Permanent marker
 1  Sugar, 1 lb
 1  Scale, digital, 500g x 0.1g
 1  Weigh dish, large
 1  Weigh scoop, metal
 4  Graph paper
 1  Safety glasses
 1  Lab notebook