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Experiments with a Homemade Turbidity Meter (SBD-5220-KIT)

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Light interacts with matter in a variety of ways—it can be absorbed, reflected, refracted (bent), and scattered. The scattering of light explains why the sky is blue, why milk is white, and why the Mississippi River is called "The Big Muddy." With this biochemistry kit based on Science Buddies "Experiments with a Homemade Turbidity Meter," you will make an electronic device to measure the amount of scattered light in milk. You will also use the device to track the activity of protease (a type of enzyme) in pineapple juice, based on its ability to chop up the proteins in milk, which cause it to thicken and become less opaque.

Kits contain tested materials to ensure that you have what you need to successfully complete your science project, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

10% of proceeds go to support Science Buddies!

 1  Breadboard, 2" x 3"
 6  Jumper wire
 1  Battery, 9 V
 1  Snap connector, 9 V
 1  Alligator clip leads, 24" Set/2
 1  Potentiometer
 1  Digital autoscaling multimeter
 1  Photoresistors, 5 pack, assorted
 1  Jar lid, metal
 1  Nail, large
 1  Electrical tape
 1  Safety glasses
 1  2x4x8" board 1 Laser pointer, red
 6  Clear plastic cups, 12 oz
 1  Plastic cup, 18 oz, red
 1  Permanent marker
 1  Masking tape
 1  Graduated cylinder, 10 mL
 1  Graduated cylinder, 25 mL
 1  Graduated cylinder, 50 mL
 1  Spoon
 1  Flashlight with batteries
 1  Cheesecloth, 18"x18"
 1  Tri-pour beaker, 100 mL
 1  Tri-pour beaker, 250 mL
 1  Stopwatch
 4  Graph paper
 1  Lab notebook