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Build Your Own Radon Detector (SBD-5219-KIT)

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Radon gas is radioactive and can pose a hazard to your health if you live in an area where it leaks from the ground. With this kit, you can  learn how to collect radon with an ordinary dusting cloth mounted on the intake of a fan, and then measure its radioactivity using a simple ionization chamber. The simple apparatus that you will make is full of possibilities—it can be used to track down the sources of the radioactive gas, to observe statistical equilibrium, and even to demonstrate radioactive half-life. The kit comes with all the needed materials and instructions as described in the Science Buddies project "Build Your Own Radon Detector." Please note that this is an advanced electronics project that requires a degree of independent troubleshooting.

Kits contain tested materials to ensure that you have what you need to successfully complete your science project, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

10% of proceeds go to support Science Buddies!
 1  Tin can,  4" dia, 5" tall
 1  Can opener, metal
 1  Metric ruler, 12"
 1  Nail, large
 1  Starting punch 3/32
 1  Punch 7/16
 1  Safety glasses
 1  Pretinned solid bus wire, 24 ga, 50 ft.
 1  Phono jack connector
 1  Soldering iron, 5 piece set
 1  Rosin-core solder, 8 oz.
 1  Large rubber feet, 8 pack
 1  Darlington transistor, MPSW45AG
 1  Wrapping wire, 30 ga, 50 ft
 1  Battery connector, 9 V
 1  Epoxy
 1  Heat-shrink tubing, assortment
 1  Resistor, 1K
 1  Double-sided adhesive foam tape
 1  Battery, 9 V
 1  Tin can, small, short
 1  Sandpaper, fine, 1/4 sheet
 1  Permanent marker
 2  Aluminum foil sheet
 1  Pipe clamp, round 4", to fit larger can (Also use for tracing foil)
 1  Digital multimeter
 1  Wire cutters
   Parts for the Radon Daughter Collector
 1  Squirrel cage fan
 1  Soup can
 1  Scissors
 1  Wire strippers
 1  Phillips head screwdriver
 1  Switching power supply, 12-VDC 700MA
 4  Wire connectors, yellow
 4  Wire connectors, grey
 1  Electrical tape
 1  Cable tie, 8"
 1  Dusting cloth (fabric choice 1)
 1  Nylon hosiery (fabric choice 2)
 1  Rubber band, heavy
 1  Lab notebook