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Make Your Own Soap (SBD-5214-KIT)

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The process of making soap involves a chemical reaction called saponification. With this kit you will learn about saponification by making your own soap as described in the Science Buddies project "The Chemistry of Clean." The kit contains all the materials needed to carry out the chemical steps to transform coconut oil into a usable bar of soap, and purify it with salt to measure how its pH changes with its purity. At the end of the process all you need to do is mix in the scented oils and you will have your own homemade soap!

Kits contain tested materials to ensure that you have what you need to successfully complete your science project, have fun, and learn some science along the way!

10% of proceeds go to support Science Buddies!
 Coconut oil, 60 mL
 3  Sodium hydroxide 3M, 30 mL
 1  Metal lab scoop, small
 1  pH paper strips, 1-14 range, 50 pack
 2  Distilled water, 500 mL
 1  Glass stirring rod,  6"
 1  Sodium chloride, 150g
 1  Cheesecloth, 18" x 18"
 6  Filter paper, 18cm
 3  Soap mold, small
 1  Fragrance oil
 2  Glass beaker, 100 mL
 1  Graduated cylinder, 10 mL
 1  Graduated cylinder, 25 mL
 1  Graduated cylinder, 50 mL
 1  Oven mitt
 1  Hot plate
 1  Lab notebook
 1  Scale, digital, 500g x 0.1g
 1  Weigh boat, small
 3  Tripour beaker, 250 mL
 3  Gloves, pair
 1  Chemical safety goggles
 1  Lab apron, rubberized
 4  Graph paper
 1  MSDS sheets