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Investigating the Mpemba Effect (SBD-5210-KIT)

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Can hot water freeze faster than cold water?" It may seem counterintuitive, but folk wisdom and a body of published evidence agree that, under some conditions, warmer water can freeze faster than colder water. Scientists consider the Mpemba effect to be a real phenomena but the variability in results has sparked a great deal of debate over what specific conditions are needed to see the effect and why it occurs. This kit provides you with all the materials needed to investigate the Mpemba effect. You will learn about heat and heat transfer as you try to replicate the Mpemba effect. Will the conditions in your experiment lead to hot water or cold water freezing first? This is also a great kit to take time to systematically try different variables, like starting temperatures, tap water versus deionized water, humidity, and just about any other environmental factor you can think of! Who knows, maybe your data will help contribute to a greater understanding of the Mpemba effect!


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2 beaker, glass, 100 ml
1 gas burner diffuser
1 Foil, 8 x 12" piece, for covering beakers
2 thermometers, immersion, student grade, 6", C scale  -10-102C
2 Silicone Oven Mitts, 17"
1 gram scale
1 Timer, 60 minute
1 Lab notebook
1 Glasses, Safety, ANSI Cert